Teeth Lightening Remineralization Gel

Teeth lightening remineralization gel is a have to after every teeth bleaching therapy to seal lightening results and add a protective layer that maintains discolorations from resurfacing. This gel includes potassium nitrate, calcium phosphate and sodium fluoride to replenish minerals lost throughout teeth whitening treatments as well as aids ease tooth level of sensitivity. When peroxide is made use of to whiten teeth, it “opens up” pores in tooth enamel that permit the lightening agent to reach spots ingrained deep in dentin layers. When bleaching has actually completed, remineralizing gel with calcium and also fluoride enhances the enamel by closing those pores back up and also solidifying it. As we age, our teeth lose their all-natural mineral web content, which is essential to our health and wellness. Remineralization gel aids to replenish the minerals and vitamins that have been shed by enhancing the enamel. Remineralization additionally decreases tooth sensitivity by securing tiny openings in the enamel that are the resource of sensitive teeth pain. This gel is additionally handy for those who have undertaken dental braces or retainers, since it re-hydrates the teeth as well as gums after treatment. Remineralizing gels consist of sodium fluoride, which binds to calcium and also other minerals in the mouth. The fluoride enhances the remineralization procedure by enhancing the calcium levels of the enamel as well as binding the various other minerals to it. Our remineralizing gel is secure to use and also very easy to use. Simply location it in mouth trays and also put on for 5 minutes everyday to see impressive outcomes! Designed by dental experts, this set consists of 10mL of costs 35% Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening gel for one month of therapies, 3mL of remineralization gel as well as 1 LED whitening light to accelerate outcomes. Made in the U.S.A. as well as in a FDA registered facility with quality active ingredients, this teeth whitening as well as remineralization gel is the only set you require to eliminate all kinds of discolorations from wine, coffee, smoking cigarettes and more in one to 7 days. Our remineralizing as well as desensitizing gel is risk-free to utilize and also very easy to make use of. The syringes come in a safe aluminum foil envelope. It’s the best service for dental professionals, oral hygienists and also teeth whitening specialists to supply their clients with a specialist grade product that they can use in your home.

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